Traditionally, all of a business’s executives are full-time employees of the company. However, in recent years, this trend has begun to change. While the CEO’s role hasn’t really changed, some of the other executive positions have begun to evolve. One option that has become increasingly popular among business owners, especially small business owners, is bringing in a fractional (less than full-time) CFO.

These experts are outsourced and only work part-time for the company. However, they do bring the same knowledge and skills to the table that a full-time CFO would without the higher cost of a full-time CFO. By hiring a part-time CFO, a business can benefit in numerous ways.

Here are four reasons why a business may want to outsource its CFO position:

It’s a Way of Acquiring Expertise You Might Not Otherwise Have

For most small businesses, the accounting department (if one even exists) is focused primarily on basic bookkeeping. However, that’s not the focus of accounting departments in larger businesses. Those departments and the CFO that supervise them are more focused on proactively guiding the business financially. They provide the CEO and other executives with financial information that helps them make decisions as well as an experienced partner with whom to discuss key business issues.

Small businesses may not be able to attract or cannot afford a CFO with the knowledge and talent needed to do this. That’s where an outsourced CFO can be helpful. These experts can assist a business in making the transition from a tax-focused accounting department to one that plays a larger role in the decision-making process.

Brings Broad Experience and Objectivity

With a CFO providing financial guidance, a business is less likely to face some of the more common growing pains. Making use of a fractional CFO brings another point of view to the table. They typically have a broad base of experience and are very objective, so they may see opportunities for improvements or change that the CEO and others don’t see. This external point of view and deep experience is often the key to growing a business without running into difficulties.

A CFO Is an Investment that Pays Off

By investing in a fractional CFO, a business is investing in its future and current financial health. Many business owners consider a CFO a luxury that they simply cannot afford. Unfortunately, without a CFO to provide sound financial advice, the business may make costly mistakes. A CFO is there to help business owners make more informed decisions and avoid common pitfalls. By bringing in a fractional CFO, business owners can be proactive in their decisions.

A business’s return on investment on a fractional CFO can be immeasurable. Finances are one of the most crucial parts of a business, yet many small business owners take on this chore themselves without any training. A CFO can take on this additional work, completing it more accurately and quickly than an overworked business owner. It also allows the owner and other management team members to focus on their respective areas of expertise.

Avoid Expanding Your Team Too Quickly

Businesses that follow the traditional growth model don’t bring in a CFO until the budget supports such a move. This means they don’t have access to the knowledge that a CFO provides during the crucial early growth periods. On the other hand, companies that do try to expand too quickly, often build an executive slate that’s too large for the company. This ends up being an ineffective use of resources.

That’s where a part-time CFO can shine. There’s less cost to the business, yet the CEO can make use of the advice a trained expert can provide. Many fractional CFO services are also quite flexible. The business can bring in one of these professionals for more assistance during periods of growth, then reduce their level of service once the CFO isn’t needed as often. This ability to scale up and down with demand is very cost effective yet allows the business to get the expertise it requires.

A Fractional CFO May be the Best Move

With these major advantages and more, it’s clear that small businesses can benefit from bringing in a fractional CFO. With access to these experts, the business will be able to grow more quickly and with fewer problems than it would otherwise. Fractional CFO’s bring many skills to the table, and they do much more than simple accounting. Business owners would be wise to consider a fractional CFO, especially during a period of growth and change.

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