Vision, Mission, and Values


Our vision is to be the go-to firm in WI to which small and mid-sized organizations turn for help solving their business challenges and achieving their goals. Key to this is our community of trusted business partners for whom we strive to be the preferred employer and placement firm for experienced professionals looking to serve those companies. Our mission is to bring critical expertise and insight to these organizations to help them become more successful. At Lauber, we believe in the importance of experience and the dignity of work and we consider entrepreneurial endeavors a major factor in how we can innovate and improve as a society. Our values guide us in all that we do:

· Honesty

· Integrity & Professionalism

· Partnership and Collaboration

· Client-Centered Success

Our Commitment:

  • To add value to each client’s business, and to ultimately enrich the quality of their life as a business owner.
  • To provide flexible solutions that meet the unique circumstances and goals of each business owner.
  • To facilitate flexible work schedules for talented financial people who seek fresh challenges and freedom to manage other facets of their lives.
  • To only invite professionals who share our commitment to join the growing team at Lauber Business Partners.