Lauber Business Partners, Inc. was founded by John G. Lauber, a CPA whose background included both “Big 8” public accounting experience and positions as Controller, VP Finance, and General Manager in several privately held companies. In dealing with small and midsized companies, Lauber recognized they often warranted the breadth of experience found at the Vice-President Finance level of a large company, but that they lacked the quantity of work and budget to justify a full-time position.

As dedicated as their bookkeeping and/or accounting staff always was, they lacked what he termed “The CFO Advantage®,” that full range of functions provided by a seasoned CFO with multi-industry perspective and both controllership and treasury/financing experience. Lauber’s concept was to build a firm that would make The CFO Advantage® feasible for all businesses by enabling a company to engage an experienced Chief Financial Officer to serve part-time, typically a day or two each week, as an on-going member of the company’s management team.

 Early Growth


Taking a natural step and expanding services across the full spectrum of key financial management, in 2000 Lauber Business Partners hired its first recruiter and added interim services as well as strategic search for permanent, full time financial leaders. Lauber Business Partners has been featured in numerous articles and recognized nationally in publications such as Small Business Reports and CFO Magazine.

Lauber Business Partners


In February 2017 Mark Wiesman and Julie Tolan acquired Lauber CFOs with a vision for future growth through new service lines that would create value for existing and new clients.

Under their leadership, the firm has expanded its offerings beyond Financial Services to include human resources, M&A consulting services, and mentoring and coaching services. Lauber Executive Search also has grown its capabilities to include all executive level leadership positions.