Our services, all focused on providing experienced executives and key leadership talent, include:

Fractional Finance or HR Executives: a day-a-week, day-a-month, or as often as you need

Interim Professionals and Consultants: short term help for a long term difference

Strategic search: recruiting and placement for permanent leadership positions

Lauber Business Partners Guiding Principles:

  • Initial meeting, to determine how we might be of service, is always free.
  • We will disclose any current or prior relationships with competitors.
  • We will only accept assignments where real benefits can be provided.
  • We will always put a client’s interest ahead of our own.

Lauber Business Partners has a unique, non-competitive niche which allows us to work alongside and regularly get referrals from CPA firms, banks, law firms and others who have seen their clients improve with the assistance of a Lauber Business Partner.

If you know of a business that could benefit from any of Lauber’s services, please contact us and we’ll be happy to organize a confidential discussion regarding how we can help. If deemed a fit, we can discuss the value to be expected, and if we’re not the right fit, we will refer to another more appropriate resource.